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Week 50 @ trigun_awards

Week 52 @ trigun_awards

Week 52 @ trigun_awards

(all used with lurve)

Just for the record jane_says/JainLikeRain is the keeper of:

Jack Sparrow's Horizon - So I can bring it to him.
Will Turner's Impersonation of Jack - Because we all want to know why Jack is ... that way.
Elizabeth Swan's Sticky Fingers - Sure ... she only took it save Will. Yeah right. (It had nothing to do with the fact that she thought that medallion would look better on her!)
Fox Mulder's Pencil Holder - So he always has new sharp and pointies to throw at the ceiling in his board moments.
Vash the Stampede's Swiss Army Knife(Manga) - Even though we only saw it once ... it's stil kinda' badass that he has one.
Maria Ross (Manga) - 'Cause she's the big sis Edo needs.
Anakin Skywalker's Singing Voice - Because I told people way back in 2000 that the boy could sing and no one belived me. (Go read The Approaching Storm ... even Obi was surprised.)
A.J. Crowley's Green Plastic Plant Mister - So I could keep real Holy Water in it and scare away all the other demons.
also from Good Omens - the dove that Crowley brings back to life. (It's my second favorite moment in the book.)
Wonka's Pimp Cane of Doom - really now who wouldn't want it? I'm telling you it's filled with Nerds! And I just love Nerds.

More Random Stuff:

i'm in ravenclaw!

Various Titles/names:
JainLikeRain - given to me by Julian
Solid Motion Alchemist - given to me by fm_alchemist
Princess of Dorks - given to me by Halie (because my father is the "King of all Dorks")
Drizzle - given to me by Pyro and Beth

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