The Long Ass Tron post


If I was writing Tron: Uprising I'd have a million little considerations. I must have watched the flashback scenes from Legacy 50x times but I think I've got a pretty good idea as to some background and what it means for the series. (a.k.a. Jane was really fucking board at the hospital and got her write on.)

Lets get some of my base observations out of the way first:

In the Legacy flashback when the Black Guard first appears you hear a fainter version of the sound Rinzler makes and the Black Guard circuits are strikingly similar to Tron's. Only the Black Guard and Tron have the short dashes and dots, all the other programs have larger/longer patches of light. I believe that the Black Guard had some of their coding over written with data Clu was able to collect from Tron. The sound could signify code that isn't completely in sync with the Program. The Black Guard could be some of the first programs Clu “repurposed” and the process may not have been as refined as it could have been.

When Tron takes one the of the Black Guard's disc and derezzes it's owner the disc doesn't deactivate. (In the Arena you see the disc of derezzed players go dark.) Tron pauses and looks at the discs in his hands. He even looks slightly confused! There's a possibility that the disc recognizes enough similar coding in Tron that it responds to him.

If you look close when Tron tackles Clu he has own his disc in his right hand and the Black Guard disc in his left. He must have dropped his disc when he punches Clu; the Black Guard disc is still in his left hand. When Clu flips Tron he's still holding the other disc.

This is where it gets tricky. It seems like there is a tiny clip missing from this scene. When Clu backhands Tron he lands on his back and Clu has nothing in his hands. But when they cut to the wider shot Tron looks like he's been rolled over onto his front and Clu has a disc in his hands … and it looks like Clu's is still on his back. I think he stabbed Tron with his own disc!

The camera pans away before we see Tron get hit (obviously) and we don't have any evidence of what happened except for hearing Tron's scream, the “Rinzler Sound” and three tiny panels in the Betrayal comic, where they suspiciously don't light Tron's disc:

Here is where my pure and unadulterated speculation comes in. So I'll be nice and put the rest under a cut.

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Name Jane's new phone!

Poll #1676170 Phone name

What should Jane name her new Samsung Intercept?


Vote for as many as you like. I'm going to make a skin design to match the name, because I'm a nerd like that.

Pitched out suggestions:

Tron - Friend's laptop is named that
Robin/Dick - My car is named that
Holmes - I just dislike the name, Sherlock is way more awesome
I <3 TONY!

Thingathon Exchange fic

Title: Come Round Right, for fancy_galloway

Summery: Sometimes getting to where you need to be is more important than how you got there. The lovely Ms. fancy_galloway gave me some cute prompts, hopefully I touched on each of them at least a bit.

Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, cameos by other Avengers

Rating: PG
Words: 2260 ... ish
Universe: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Warnings: Completely and totally un-betaed.

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Tron: Legacy Icons - batch 1

As always icons are free to use and/or abuse however you like.

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4 5 6
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13 14

Requests always welcome! Want an icon with different text or no text? Want an icon in a different color? Drop a comment and I'll see what I can do!

Credit loved but not required.
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Halloween - PSA

Okay it's that time of year Jane does her public service announcement for Halloween.

The laws governing Sexual Predators and Offenders in the State of Florida (and a number of other states) have changed in the past year!

Certain classifications of Sexual Predators and Offenders may now display Halloween decorations, wear costumes and pass out candy at their residences. In years past they were legally restricted from doing so and would face charges if they did.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a website data base of all Predators and Offenders located at

They also offer a FREE neighborhood search that will map any address you put in on Google Maps and show the Predators and Offenders with in a radius of up to 5 miles. It's a great resource for trick-or-treating! Put in an address where you will be trick-or-treating and it will show you the homes of the Predators and Offenders in that area.

Some other states have similar services via their respective Departments of Law Enforcement so please check them out.
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LOST - (no spoliers)

I didn't watch the Lost finale. I don't watch Lost at all. I think I may have seen the first 2 or 3 episodes and 1 or 2 after that. I have read a friends mini recaps because he normally sticks them right in the middle of his blog posts. Based on those I made some predictions to him last week about the finale.

He told me this morning I was 80%-90% accurate about everything I said.

And I was around 75% correct about all the predictions I've made in the last year. And right on about "the big prediction" I made ... even though he totally discounted me at the time.

I'm really, really amused right now. (^_^)